My friend and fellow MA student….her take on our course.


Did you see Rachel Cusk’s piece in The Guardian on 19 January about creative writing courses? I read it with a glass of wine as I was cooking that evening’s dinner, having finished my Masters coursework that afternoon. I meant to go online and post a comment, but I ended up responding on Twitter instead, so I thought that it would be worth writing about my experience of studying for a writing Masters here while it was still fresh in my mind.

I studied Professional Writing with the University of Falmouth (formerly University College Falmouth). As far as I’m aware, it’s the only Professional – as opposed to Creative – Writing Masters in the UK.

Since my only experience of studying creative writing was as an undergraduate concentrating on poetry – on the University of Oregon’s Kidd Program and at the University of East Anglia – I don’t know how…

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Finished my Masters!!!!!

I cannot really believe it, but I handed in my Thesis on friday 25th January and my Masters in Professional Writing is complete! Never will there be a more apt time to overuse exclaimation mark!!!

What started two years ago just when I got made redundant, culminated yesterday with my completed feature film script.

In that two years I was able to get features published in the nationsl papers, get interviewed about my blog on Newstalk and get a job as a journalist in Newsfour – great paper!

So if anyone is despairing of having lost their job – my unanimous advice is go back to studying. Not only does it occupy your mind and your mind, but it give you kudos with potential employers.

Study is the recessionary answer!

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Script Writing Course Jan 26/27

I am printing out my film script, getting my weekend suitcase packed, pencils sharpened and at the ready!  I can barely contain my excitement for my weekend script writing course with Colin Bateman, no not Batman, Bateman!


You know the way some novelists sit on their corderoy posteriors and bemoan writers block? Well that’s not Colin – at last count he had written published and promoted 21 books.  I first discovered him years ago with Divorcing Jack – which was a black witty alternative take on the underbelly of life in Belfast.  It was ground-breaking.

Well in the last few years he has conceived and written Murphys Law which stars Jimmy Nesbitt.  He has also been a screenwriter on a number of movies and now an Irish language series on TG4.

My screenwriting lecturer was enthusing about Colin, saying he was best in his genre in the BBC now. 

So I will focus, listen, ask, soak up and immerse myself. 


Of course there is also the opportunity to meet up with my sister and neice as well which is always a bonus without kids 🙂


So watch this space. Here comes Colin!!

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New Year ….potential

Stop smoking – done
Get a Feature published – done
Get a Journo job – done
Get to Orlando hols – in progress
Graduate from MA – in progress
Lose weight – in progress 20 years!!
Get our play produced – almost done
Finish film script – almost done
Meet Colin Bateman – planned Jan 2013.

I need some new long term goals to look forward to.

Any ideas? Not resolutions but writing goals…

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Happy Christmas all

Another Christmas and what progress has been made in 2012.  So here’s to my constant followers and my accidental reader – Thanks, and Happy Christmas!

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Got the script writing gig!!!

Well in the second week of January I will start my one day per week writing as a script writer and storyboarder!! So Excited!!! Santa has arrived early!

As I am a freelancer I get paid much more pro-rata than an employee!!

I will be working with a Producer on a film set in Belfast!! So if anyone needs corporate short film made – look no further.

So I am able to keep my p/t journo job, my ghost writing 3 mornings per week and now this. slowly but surely I am building up my freelancing business!!!! Time makes changes…..

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10,000 hits!!!!

Thank you everyone. Today I reached 10,000 hits! Hard to imagine your poor souls being forced against your will to read about my journey! Well thank you all for persevering.  I now have one full day a week client writing script for adverts and another client who I ghost write for, not to mention my part time journalist gig.

It has been quite a journey – often positive, often funny and often broke!

But now I am on the up!!

Anyone who wants to change their live – take small continous steps and you can do it!!!

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