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Best beach day ever!

Had the most wonderful day on the beach ever!  We picked kids up after school and headed for Portmarnock. As usual I had brought everything with me – wind breaker, chairs, rugs, inflatable beach toys, snacks and body boards. So … Continue reading

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#96 Car Sharing- not car pooling – actual sharing

A huge positive of redundancy has been getting to know neighbours, and I have eulogized about this at length before.  But now, friendship has moved to a new level where I am now offered the lend of my friend’s car. You see she … Continue reading

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#87 Titanic – Edith drowns at 26

Hello my dedicated followers and you stray googlers.  Here is a new edition of my Titanic story…..sent out to Independent today – fingers crossed this one makes it into the Weekend Magazine 🙂 Edith Nile Peacock was 26 when she … Continue reading

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#85 Sleep-over at the K Club

Charlie has reached sleepover age. Last weekend he had two friends who live very close to us stay over. I had to walk one of them home at 10.30pm god bless. On Friday when his friend Alex was going home, … Continue reading

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#79 Ristorante Mitchello

London’s Supper Clubs are nothing in comparison to ristorante Mitchello. In a homely, if somewhat bijou environment we stumbled upon the fact that Charlie can make pizza’s. So last night he made magherita pizza, meat feast and with a bit … Continue reading

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#72 New Year, almost New Me

A lot has changed this last 12 months. I felt nearly sad and empty as I thought of all the bad news we have encountered as a family and me personally. But then my friend pointed out, that I am now … Continue reading

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’69 Elvis at our school concert

‘Elvis is singing at our schoool concert’ I told my husband, as I picked him up from work. He raised an eyebrow, and then rolled his eyes to heaven. ‘He told me himself today’ ‘Really?’. ‘Well, I swear on my … Continue reading

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