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#96 Car Sharing- not car pooling – actual sharing

A huge positive of redundancy has been getting to know neighbours, and I have eulogized about this at length before.  But now, friendship has moved to a new level where I am now offered the lend of my friend’s car. You see she … Continue reading

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#86 London Book Fair

As part of my MA we are encouraged to attend The London Book Fair in April. So I have booked the flight and accommodation- all I have to do now is finish the 30,000 words of my book. I also … Continue reading

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#85 Sleep-over at the K Club

Charlie has reached sleepover age. Last weekend he had two friends who live very close to us stay over. I had to walk one of them home at 10.30pm god bless. On Friday when his friend Alex was going home, … Continue reading

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#83 Grease is the Word!!

Olivia Newton John I have never claimed to be, but I gave her a bloody good run for her money this afternoon! We downloaded some trial games for our Kinnect, and one was ‘Lets Dance’ with Fireworks from Lady Gaga, … Continue reading

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#76 Introducing pocket money

Last week I introduced pocket money. I had tried this two years ago when I was working – unmitigated disaster. I spend twice the normal amount on kids magazines, sweets and donuts. But this time I am with them all … Continue reading

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#71 Breakfast at Hogans

This morning Aoife smoothed out her new sparkly top on the bed, she then choose matching woollen tights, a skirt and finally matching shoes. ‘Could we go out for breakfast’ she asked, as clearly a girl who is all dressed … Continue reading

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Positive #43 ‘Redundancy Hair Day’

The straighteners now lie redundant under the bed, the velcro rollers are in a basket under my writing desk, and the mousse has cemented over.  Yes these happy days of no work, mean the pressure is off on the old hair front. … Continue reading

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