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6000 hits!!! THANK YOU!!!!

This was quite a week, seeing my first paid feature published in The Examiner, getting contact from two long lost relatives of Edith Nile Peacock and today discovering I have 6000 hits!!!   Thanks to everyone who has double clicked … Continue reading

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#99 Positivity in A&E

I think stand up comedians have it easy.  I mean they write their own material, practice and tweak each joke until it’s at its peak of funniness, then they advertise their show so they get people who appreciate humour to … Continue reading

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#93 Introducing Scarlett & Ruby

No they aren’t Rex’s new love interests in the cuddly toy department, Ruby and Scarlett are the two characters in the new play we are writing. Its based (very loosely) on my blog with Ruby being a forty something who leaves corporate … Continue reading

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#89 Joan and Jackie writing a play…..

Hi Everyone, myself and Jackie Corrigan are co-writing a play based on my blog.  We are hoping to get it staged in May/June – more details to follow – but what we need right now is a theatre company name. … Continue reading

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#79 Ristorante Mitchello

London’s Supper Clubs are nothing in comparison to ristorante Mitchello. In a homely, if somewhat bijou environment we stumbled upon the fact that Charlie can make pizza’s. So last night he made magherita pizza, meat feast and with a bit … Continue reading

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#78 Imaginery friends? Imaginery PA’s

When I worked in a large computer company – we had a buddy system.  when our Buddy was on holiday we picked up their voicemail and sorted out any small queries.  Simply enough you might think – that is until I … Continue reading

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#72 New Year, almost New Me

A lot has changed this last 12 months. I felt nearly sad and empty as I thought of all the bad news we have encountered as a family and me personally. But then my friend pointed out, that I am now … Continue reading

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