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On the dole again, I can’t wait to get on the dole again!

Okay its not technically true, I am still self-employed, however my largest client did drop me like an unwanted hot potato in late January. So after I have had enough time to think it through and gather my thoughts – … Continue reading

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#93 Introducing Scarlett & Ruby

No they aren’t Rex’s new love interests in the cuddly toy department, Ruby and Scarlett are the two characters in the new play we are writing. Its based (very loosely) on my blog with Ruby being a forty something who leaves corporate … Continue reading

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#92 No More Appraisals

I remember the dread as the date for my appraisal loomed large.  When I worked for a large US Computer manufacturer my quarterly bonus was linked to how well I got ‘graded’ in my appraisal. I would lie awake at … Continue reading

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#88 Possible ‘article’? Woo Hoo!!!

A huge positive about the corporate world – yes read that again – there were positives about it – was that it taught me that being pushy was a good thing.  I was always pushy and opinionated – or as … Continue reading

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#78 Death by Powerpoint?

Who invented Powerpoint?  I know, I know it comes from Microsoft, but who sat and thought we needed it?  Who thought there wasn’t enough torture in Corporate-ville? Who thought days could be filled sitting in darkened rooms, blinking at a … Continue reading

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#78 Imaginery friends? Imaginery PA’s

When I worked in a large computer company – we had a buddy system.  when our Buddy was on holiday we picked up their voicemail and sorted out any small queries.  Simply enough you might think – that is until I … Continue reading

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#77 No more corporate emails…woo hooo!!!

I remember coming back from holidays to over six hundred emails!  I mean they weren’t from six hundred different people – no, that would be way too obvious.  Forty percent of them would be from the one person – who on finding I … Continue reading

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