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#73 Sticker books with Granny

It’s 3 degrees outside and the heating has been on all day. Aoife is sitting on the sofa snuggled with her Granny, doing a Christmas Clothes sticker book. Now, there is the initial sticking, then later there will be movement … Continue reading

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#67 Family Claus get the reindeer ready!

I know it was never common knowledge that Santa had a son, in the same kind of way we never knew Jesus had a brother James.  Well, rest easy, as I now have in my possession photographic proof, that Santa … Continue reading

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#65 We met the President!

We met the President!  I was so focused on getting clothes for the children, that I never stopped to think what it would actually be like to ‘meet’ him. We were met by friendly staff who took our coats, we had … Continue reading

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#60 Christmas Tree Today!!

Todays the day! Countdown began just after Halloween and it all happens today! We are putting up our Christmas Tree! It signifies for us the start of all the Christmas activities. Next week I will be helping make Christmas crafts … Continue reading

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