About Joannie

I live in Ireland, and until a few months ago I had a career, meetings, deadlines and an expense account!  Now I have a welfare card, can get free eye tests and know the first name of my butcher!

I am trying to look on the positive side of this huge life change!  Humour can never be understimated!  And I think I understimated how much humour a blog would entail.

I am studying for my MA in Professional Writng at the University of Falmouth (online and part-time), which keeps my brain active – so most days I can still remember the names of my children!

So follow me on my funny, frustrating and poignant, if somewhat painful journey!


3 Responses to About Joannie

  1. Frankie Valente says:

    I just found your blog on the UCF website. Wish I’d found it when I was still living in Ireland. I am just finishing my MA in professional writing which I started during a similiar spell of unemployment in Ireland. Now I’ve moved to Shetland and I am now working, but still miss Ireland. I had no idea that there was another “professional writing” student just down the road from me. Love the blog by the way. I really think that a book about starting again and looking on the bright side of redundancy is a brilliant idea. Well done!
    Frankie Valente

  2. Nicola Duffy says:

    Hi Joannie,

    We have a great fundraising initiative available at the Laughter Lounge that you could avail of! I’ve email all details to your email above.

    We hope to hear more from you.
    Best Wishes,
    Head Of Charity Relations
    Laughter Lounge
    01 878 3003

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