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Bryan Segar is 74 and missing a leg. He has parachuted into enemy territory, pushed Arab guerrillas out of a helicopter at 1,000 feet and wrongly shot one of his own men.  He has been in The Royal Navy and went AWOL in Hong Kong, got married for $4 and was transferred between ships in the Indian Ocean. In the days before computer checks, he subsequently joined The Welsh Guards and carved out a career for himself in the Special Air Service. 

He left the army and became a steeple-jack in 60’s London where he was catapulted into a world of sex, escort agencies and racketeering.  He had tea with Mandy Rice Davis, worked with the first sex-change man and talked with the Queen Mum.  He saw a guy being fitted with concrete shoes, organised bank heists and worked in The House of Commons in the Jubilee year. 

Bryan is a character who at 74 is still embracing life.  This is a warts and all account of life in the services and in the 1960’s London.



Seven of us were on an operation, we were under a series of small arms fire, but we managed to capture three guerrillas.  We gagged them and tied their hands behind their backs, half an hour later we were picked up by a Wessex helicopter.   Lieutenant Clark was with us and as he spoke fluent Arabic he began interrogated the prisoners.  The flight was 20 minutes back to Khormaksur we flew at 1,000 feet approximately.  We had a gut feeling that one of the three guerrillas was our man, but the two other prisoners looked similar with their head-dress and long beards and sun tanned faces.  Sitting down in the back of the helicopter they looked pathetic but I also could sense intense danger from them.  Lieutenant Clark interrogated  them one at a time, they were very aggressive, he started with the one on the left of the group and asked if he was Benali (our main enemy target)  and when he wouldn’t cooperate, Clarke motioned to me and my mate to get rid of him.  The two of us picked up the Arab took him to the exit door of the chopper and pushed him out. 

Clarke then began to interrogate the second man who was shouting in Arabic ‘don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I am not him’.  We were getting increasingly impatient with him and so we lifted him and threw him out of the fucking chopper too.  We were then left with what we believed was Ali Benali, he was in a real state, crying, shaking and pissing all over the floor.  I said to Patterson ‘We should stick a grenade up his fucking arse’, Clarke wasn’t very happy with the circumstances inside the chopper.  When we got to Knormaksur we handed our chief suspect over to the head of the local police for further interrogation. 

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