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Happy Christmas all

Another Christmas and what progress has been made in 2012.  So here’s to my constant followers and my accidental reader – Thanks, and Happy Christmas! Advertisements

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Got the script writing gig!!!

Well in the second week of January I will start my one day per week writing as a script writer and storyboarder!! So Excited!!! Santa has arrived early! As I am a freelancer I get paid much more pro-rata than … Continue reading

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10,000 hits!!!!

Thank you everyone. Today I reached 10,000 hits! Hard to imagine your poor souls being forced against your will to read about my journey! Well thank you all for persevering.  I now have one full day a week client writing … Continue reading

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London Screenwriters Festival here I come!!!

Slowly but surely over the last two years I have got increasingly more confident about my abilty as a writer and in particular as a screenwriter. Last autumn when I first became aware of The London Screenwriters Festival I thought … Continue reading

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Story boarding

You know when you start with a company and they give you their ‘training’ video?  Or when you apply for a job you might Youtube to see a promotional video?  Well – contain your excitement – I have been short-listed … Continue reading

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Re-write of film script x2

I have heard from numerous writers over the years that writing is easy, it’s the re-writing that is the killer.  But of course at the time, I hadn’t written anything worthwhile myself and I dreamed of the luxury of the re-write. … Continue reading

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