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#96 Car Sharing- not car pooling – actual sharing

A huge positive of redundancy has been getting to know neighbours, and I have eulogized about this at length before.  But now, friendship has moved to a new level where I am now offered the lend of my friend’s car. You see she … Continue reading

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#95 How many men does it take to….

As I relaxed and day dreamed about my new life with my two delightful leather sofa’s I just had one small detail to arrange – someone to pick them up.  So our friend Keith said he knew a man with … Continue reading

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#94 Its a Done Deal!

For anyone not familiar with this site – you’re life cannot be complete until you log on to for here you can buy all manner of things SECOND HAND.  Yes do you remember in your youth how every town and … Continue reading

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#93 Introducing Scarlett & Ruby

No they aren’t Rex’s new love interests in the cuddly toy department, Ruby and Scarlett are the two characters in the new play we are writing. Its based (very loosely) on my blog with Ruby being a forty something who leaves corporate … Continue reading

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#92 No More Appraisals

I remember the dread as the date for my appraisal loomed large.  When I worked for a large US Computer manufacturer my quarterly bonus was linked to how well I got ‘graded’ in my appraisal. I would lie awake at … Continue reading

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#91 5000 hits!!

Thanks to everyone – I have now 5000 hits!!!  Keep reading as I will be posting more funny (if slightly embarrassing) stories on redundancy. Plus I will post our progress on ‘The Play’, and my link to the feature in … Continue reading

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#90 First PAID Feature

I got an email back today from The Examiner – they loved my article and will publish it at the end of March. I have internet issues but as soon as they are resolved I will post the full article … Continue reading

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