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#89 Joan and Jackie writing a play…..

Hi Everyone, myself and Jackie Corrigan are co-writing a play based on my blog.  We are hoping to get it staged in May/June – more details to follow – but what we need right now is a theatre company name. … Continue reading

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#88 Possible ‘article’? Woo Hoo!!!

A huge positive about the corporate world – yes read that again – there were positives about it – was that it taught me that being pushy was a good thing.  I was always pushy and opinionated – or as … Continue reading

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#87 Titanic – Edith drowns at 26

Hello my dedicated followers and you stray googlers.  Here is a new edition of my Titanic story…..sent out to Independent today – fingers crossed this one makes it into the Weekend Magazine 🙂 Edith Nile Peacock was 26 when she … Continue reading

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#86 London Book Fair

As part of my MA we are encouraged to attend The London Book Fair in April. So I have booked the flight and accommodation- all I have to do now is finish the 30,000 words of my book. I also … Continue reading

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#85 Sleep-over at the K Club

Charlie has reached sleepover age. Last weekend he had two friends who live very close to us stay over. I had to walk one of them home at 10.30pm god bless. On Friday when his friend Alex was going home, … Continue reading

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#84 A shagging dog story

Rex has reached sexual maturity. At the age of nine months he is the equivalent to a 15 year old boy. He also has small dog syndrome and will square up to German Shepherd or Rottweiler – as long as … Continue reading

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#83 Grease is the Word!!

Olivia Newton John I have never claimed to be, but I gave her a bloody good run for her money this afternoon! We downloaded some trial games for our Kinnect, and one was ‘Lets Dance’ with Fireworks from Lady Gaga, … Continue reading

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