#75 Aupair Free Zone

Three months in, and our Mauritian Aupair was becoming daily more like a psychiatric patient.

She had a sheet in the tumble drier for three hours – just before it over heated and blew up. When the ironing board broke, she said it was just after Charlie jumped off it?!!!

I had lost count of the meticulous notes and ‘talk-throughs’ I had given her. She still managed to break the drum in the washing machine by over loading it! Still managed to break the toaster and boil the electric kettle dry.

For some strange reason we decided we should take her on holidays with us – why? Well we could go out on the evening when she would babysit – right?

Wrong. We got to Milano Linate airport, and immigration wouldn’t let her in the country.  I had went through the Visa conversation numerous times, and she assured me she could travel within the EU on her visa.

Even with my limited Italian I was able to deduce that on a ‘student’ visa (news to me) she could only travel as part of her college group?!!!!

So back she went to Dublin, while we stayed in Italy. Needless to say we arrived home to complete chaos- towels, hairdryers, dinner plates with half eaten food on the floor!

I started looking for someone else as I was working full time- in the height of the Celtic Tiger, it was like looking for brains in a False Face! No joy.

So I persevered over the summer, until one day I asked her if she could help me out as my Dad was seriously ill. She was meeting friends and couldn’t change her plans she said.

I snapped and fired her on the spot.

As I recounted my extensive Aupair tales to my neighbour over Christmas, we were in stitches. But it dawned on me as I regaled her with the stories, I never thought not having an Aupair could be a positive – but my god- it is a huge one!

About joanniemitchell

An enforced lady of leisure. A Lady who cant afford to lunch! I was in Corporate Sales for Global Entertainment Company until 17th January when I had the phone call - 'Meet me in the office with HR'. Now am pursuing my Masters in Professional Writing and looking on the upside after Redundancy.
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1 Response to #75 Aupair Free Zone

  1. brummkreisel says:

    I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with an aupair but I’m sure there are many good and bad ones out there. I have been one myself when I was younger and I had no luck with the family. So it can be this way round too. If you ever decide to give the idea of an aupair another try I wish you luck. 🙂

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