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#81 Our Titantic Story

Hi Everyone, here is a first draft of  a feature I am writing of discovering Robert had ancestors drowned on the Titanic – hope you like it?  It will be amended and edited – but here is the first draft. … Continue reading

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#80 4000 hits so far!!

Thanks to everyone – I have now had 4000 hits in total!!   And each month is getting busier than the last one – so please keep reading, clicking and sharing!!

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#79 Ristorante Mitchello

London’s Supper Clubs are nothing in comparison to ristorante Mitchello. In a homely, if somewhat bijou environment we stumbled upon the fact that Charlie can make pizza’s. So last night he made magherita pizza, meat feast and with a bit … Continue reading

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#78 Death by Powerpoint?

Who invented Powerpoint?  I know, I know it comes from Microsoft, but who sat and thought we needed it?  Who thought there wasn’t enough torture in Corporate-ville? Who thought days could be filled sitting in darkened rooms, blinking at a … Continue reading

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#78 Imaginery friends? Imaginery PA’s

When I worked in a large computer company – we had a buddy system.  when our Buddy was on holiday we picked up their voicemail and sorted out any small queries.  Simply enough you might think – that is until I … Continue reading

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#77 No more corporate emails…woo hooo!!!

I remember coming back from holidays to over six hundred emails!  I mean they weren’t from six hundred different people – no, that would be way too obvious.  Forty percent of them would be from the one person – who on finding I … Continue reading

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#76 Introducing pocket money

Last week I introduced pocket money. I had tried this two years ago when I was working – unmitigated disaster. I spend twice the normal amount on kids magazines, sweets and donuts. But this time I am with them all … Continue reading

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