# 58 Christmas Party at Roddy’s

Tonight is the Christmas Party!! I volunteer at Roddy Doyle’s writing centre in Dublin and tonight its Christmas Party time!

This is the first Christmas Party I have been to in two years! Last year as my virtual team were in London it didn’t seem feasible to go all that way for just a party- well at least not to the Financial Controller.

So this year instead if mixing with boring corporate types I will have my first ever intellectual and creative Christmas party! Okay you can substitute old fart if you really must!

I am so excited- do you think the man himself will be there? If he is Charlie said to tell him ‘Rover saves Christmas’ is the funniest kids book ever! And that comes from Roal Dahl’s number one fan.

If I do get the chance to speak to him, I will tell him, he gave to literature, what Seamus Heaney did for poetry in Ireland. He made literature accessible and relevant to the ordinary guy in the street.

‘Paula Spencer’ is a masterpiece!

Mind you, if past experience is anything to go by – I will probably trip over him on my way to the toilets to rub a food stain from my sparkly christmas top!

Watch this space..

About joanniemitchell

An enforced lady of leisure. A Lady who cant afford to lunch! I was in Corporate Sales for Global Entertainment Company until 17th January when I had the phone call - 'Meet me in the office with HR'. Now am pursuing my Masters in Professional Writing and looking on the upside after Redundancy.
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4 Responses to # 58 Christmas Party at Roddy’s

  1. Don Matheus says:

    Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

  2. Detra Bryant says:

    I am looking for this almost everywhere. Thank you.

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