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#72 New Year, almost New Me

A lot has changed this last 12 months. I felt nearly sad and empty as I thought of all the bad news we have encountered as a family and me personally. But then my friend pointed out, that I am now … Continue reading

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#71 Breakfast at Hogans

This morning Aoife smoothed out her new sparkly top on the bed, she then choose matching woollen tights, a skirt and finally matching shoes. ‘Could we go out for breakfast’ she asked, as clearly a girl who is all dressed … Continue reading

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#70 A boy and his dog

Every night at 8.30, Rex climbs the stairs, so when Charlie arrives a few minutes later, his best friend is waiting for him 🙂

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’69 Elvis at our school concert

‘Elvis is singing at our schoool concert’ I told my husband, as I picked him up from work. He raised an eyebrow, and then rolled his eyes to heaven. ‘He told me himself today’ ‘Really?’. ‘Well, I swear on my … Continue reading

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#68 Finding Barbie’s Deluxe Mansion

I have watched from afar as parents panicked about their santa list. I remember distinctly calls from friends 200 miles away asking were there any Thunderbirds Tracy Islands in Dublin? I always found those stories amusing in a remote kind … Continue reading

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#67 Family Claus get the reindeer ready!

I know it was never common knowledge that Santa had a son, in the same kind of way we never knew Jesus had a brother James.  Well, rest easy, as I now have in my possession photographic proof, that Santa … Continue reading

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#66 Reached 3000 hits!!! THANKS

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your support, we now have 3000 hits and are averaging 100 hits per day!! Keep forwarding the blogs to your friends, as they arrive 🙂   #THANKS

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