Positive #43 ‘Redundancy Hair Day’

The straighteners now lie redundant under the bed, the velcro rollers are in a basket under my writing desk, and the mousse has cemented over.  Yes these happy days of no work, mean the pressure is off on the old hair front.

Don’t get me wrong I will never be too old to be grey, so the paint-job continues a-pace.  But the blow-drying, the straightening and the rollers are now only wheeled out on a special occasion.

Redundancy and scrunchies are best mates.  Growing your hair as a student is all the rage.    My longer tresses, now have a carefree, organic existence.

In  Corporate World, I was up at 6.30am, washing, blow-drying, curlers-in.  Now it is simply brushed and tied up.  My dear French Friend introduced me to the Gallic tradition of dry shampoo!!  Now there is no hiding place for those sebaceous secretions!!

On occasion I can still put on the glamour!!  I have been known to have the hair done for school, the high boots on and the lip gloss on. Mind you I did cause traffic chaos, as everyone looked to see who the new mammy was.

There is a certain freedom to the hair choices before me.  But before I become too bohemian I need to book myself in for a hair cut – mind you I am getting student discount this time.

(image from Google Images)

About joanniemitchell

An enforced lady of leisure. A Lady who cant afford to lunch! I was in Corporate Sales for Global Entertainment Company until 17th January when I had the phone call - 'Meet me in the office with HR'. Now am pursuing my Masters in Professional Writing and looking on the upside after Redundancy.
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