Redundancy positive #19 Water Pistol Combat

Last year as I worked from home,  my kids morphed into an X-box accessory.  I dreamed of having a summer off with them some time,   be careful what you wish for!  Since I got the nod that my time was up – I have been re-iterating this point to anyone who would listen – mainly ‘mammy’s’ at school; women in the library; and more recently the butcher.  ‘It’s great being off with the kids’!

Well in reality it is!  I have laughed more, snuggled more, played more, made crafts more, made paper mache more, swam more and enjoyed being a parent the most I ever have in my life!

Our personal favourite is playing water pistols in the garden – of course my natural ability at combat stems from my personal survival in The Troubles!  Honest to god – I lived a quiet life in a rural antrim – but do you think there is any mileage in that angle?

I learned 20 years ago while living in NZ that ‘ It wasn’t that bad’ translates into boredom for the listeners!  So I quickly upped the anti  and bigged-up some experiences, well fabricated some of them – and the result was amazing!

20 stone Maori women who threatened more timid members of staff, started to offer me seats – everyone looked at me in a new light.

So now I have perfected the ‘I survived the war, single-handedly’ and so far it has served me well.

So as I taught my son to ‘take cover’, ‘hide when re-loading’ and ‘never give up even if the enemy looks dead’ – I realised that maybe there were some positives to growing up in warn-torn Ulster – okay, okay, I remember, I told you the truth.

Better go – today we are discussing battle technique as we storm his toy fort.  Later  we are using SAM’s (Surface to Air Missles) on his military fort – lego of course.

About joanniemitchell

An enforced lady of leisure. A Lady who cant afford to lunch! I was in Corporate Sales for Global Entertainment Company until 17th January when I had the phone call - 'Meet me in the office with HR'. Now am pursuing my Masters in Professional Writing and looking on the upside after Redundancy.
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3 Responses to Redundancy positive #19 Water Pistol Combat

  1. writingluisa says:

    Hi Joanie,

    Still loving your blog & have just subscribed – took me a while to work out how but I think I’ve managed it.


  2. Well done Joannie really good blog so proud of you


  3. Thanks guys 🙂 much appreciated!

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